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Working at HYJACK

HYJACK Energy Services is a great place to work. Our crews run the latest equipment, receive excellent training on today's best practices, and stay consistently utilized working for the leading energy companies in Canada.

Rig Manager

$60.00 / Hour

Primary job duties: Rig managers oversee general operations and manage many rig factors. For example, they help set up rigs, coordinate rig crews, manage daily activities, ensure all operations follow provincial and federal guidelines, inspect crew members as they work, evaluate rig performance, prepare rigs for teardown, set up work schedules, and hold important safety meetings. Managers may also investigate incidents, lead daily work briefings, hire new staff and oversee training.

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Derrick Hand

$43.00 / Hour

Primary job duties: A derrick hand performs many important tasks on a rig. They steady pipes during well insertion, help drillers maintain well operation, train new team members, unload important items, drive equipment, connect machinery, lubricate parts during operation and ensure all motors run correctly. Derrick hands may work in more hands-on duties, including hauling pipes across rigs.

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$50.00 / Hour

Primary job duties: Drillers perform many operations on rigs. They can add and remove pipe and augers, install other necessary equipment, clean, transportation of equipment, run pre-start checks, perform routine rig maintenance, follow operator guidelines, track progress, gauge success after completion and operate the rig during their shifts. Drillers may also drive and maintain vehicles as needed.

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Floor Hand

$38.00 / Hour

Primary duties: Service rig floorhands help set up and take down rig equipment and ensure they run properly. Their duties include gathering tools, sorting through proper pipes, hauling heavy equipment, following detailed assembly instructions, manipulating piping on the job, laying down tubing, installing new casing and tearing down equipment after finishing a well. 

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